About us

     The first office of my company has been open in the same location since 2002
     I’ve started to write this site after 10 years of practice, I updated “on the road” until today, and is still a work in progress…
     I start writing because of the technological evolution (from Nokia with buttons, to the iPhone 1), trying to draw attention to the behavioural changes of children in the first place, but also the daily use, more and more of near vision to the entire population of the planet.
     My name is Constantin Alexandru Andrei (OD, V.O.S.H. member– Volunteer Optometric Services to Humanity), with over 20 years of experience and founding member of A.O.R. (Romanian Optometry Association)

                 R.I.P.     Prof.  Dr. Nicolae Dumitrescu, the father of Romanian Optometry

    The love for optometry and the experience gained, helped me to better understand certain eye problems, the cause of their appearance, their diagnosis and treatment, as well as prophylaxis.
Together with my colleagues from Rotary, Lions and V.O.S.H. I have participated in many charitable activities in my field, here are some of them:
Rotary award for Targoviste Club, District 2241 Romania and Moldavia
            Lions Club

                                                                                                                                                             Rotary Club